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*Depending on the cancellation date, short-term cancellation penalties may be charged according to the rental agreement.
Once the cancellation date is decided, it cannot be changed at a later date, so please check the rental agreement in advance.

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  • ・The cancellation date submitted is the date received. Subsequent to the submission, a notification via email will arrive, please confirm content details.
  • ・Please cancel the household contents insurance by yourself. If damage is found during the restoration work after moving out, the insurance of the resident may be applied.
  • ・For lifelines (gas, electricity, water, internet, etc.), please contact each company by yourself.
    *Please remain water and electricity service contracts active until the move-out day of inspection.
    *The internet may require service to remove cable lines,please contact us at your earliest convenience.
  • ・A moving-out witness will be held before the cancellation date with no luggage in the room. Please bring all the keys you received at the time of signing the contract.
  • ・At the time of moving out, we will check the repaired parts of the property and calculate the cost of restoring the property to its original state, and we will bill the contractor on site for the money to be borne. Please have cash or a credit card ready on the day of the move-out meeting.
  • ・If you are unable to witness the move-out due to cancellation on the day of the move-out witness, or if you are more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled time without any notice, a cancellation fee of 10,000 yen will be charged.
  • ・Any personal belongings that remain in the unit will be considered abandoned,and the lessor will have the right to have them disposed.In addition, a service fee in relevance to the workload will be charged.
  • ・If there is a refund from the security deposit, and other deposits,such refunds will be paid by the end of the month after the month of moving out.
  • ・Tenants who paid rent via bank transfers, the full amount of the following month may be deducted. In such, rent after the termination date of the contract will take security and other deposits in consideration and calculated accordingly.

Please review the personal information that you entered on the “Handling of Personal information” section and click “Confirmation on screen to be submitted